Sliding Platform Recovery Truck

MTT Sliding Platform Recovery Truck is an advantageous choice of global partners with its powerful performance, improved design and longevity. MTT offers its customers a wide range of capacity options between 2.500 kg and 50.000 kg for a wide range of use.

Its improved design allows you to pull malfunctioned and crashed vehicles with its powerful performance, and advanced load platform, and offers improved viewing angle and excellent maneuverability. MTT Sliding Platform Recovery Trucks are not affected by harsh weather conditions and ambient conditions with specially developed galvanized steel coating technology.

The operator must manually connect the rope from the drum to the conveyance by using the hooks on the side of the front tires of the vehicle and load it quickly and reliably thanks to the hydraulically operated adjacent frame by pulling it onto the carriage, the safety straps and vehicle tire support brackets are an essential way of keeping the vehicle still while it is transported.

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Truck Properties


MTT Sliding Platform Recovery Truck - Miles 4021

MTT Crane Equipped Sliding Platform Recovery Truck - Miles 4022

Truck Properties

Chassis: Standard commercial chassis (Iveco, Mercedes-Benz,  MAN, Volvo, etc)

GVW: 10.000 kg (upgrade to 12.000 kg optional)

            15.000 kg (upgrade to 18.000 kg optional)

             32.000 kg (upgrade to 36.000 kg optional)

Lifting Mechanism: 5.000 kg (other payload upon request)

                                      8.000 kg (other payload upon request)

                                      15.000 kg (other payload upon request)

Body Platform: Sliding Type

Platform Dimension: 6 m x 2.3 m

                                         7 m x 2.5 m

                                         8.6 m x 2.5 m

Typical Options: Rotating beacon

                                Night lighting

                               Audio warning device

Additional Options: Rear towing equipment

                                     Available upon request